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​Commonly Asked Questions 

  1. How do I get started?  With a FREE site inspection, allowing us to view the location and help you determine what all is needed on site. Site inspections are free, but do require a $1,000 FULLY REFUNDABLE deposit.

  2. Can I get financing?  YES! We highly recommend that this is one of your first steps. Manufactured home community (Chattel loan) or to private property (Conventional, VA, FHA, etc.), financing is available for both. Check out our finance page for individuals to contact. 

  3. What does the price include?   All our prices are for the home only. We try to make the buying process more comparable to what you will see at other dealers and want to give you the closest apples to apples comparison. Additionally, we DO offer the ability to provide you with a turn key home, handling everything from start to finish, if you are looking for a full, A-Z service experience. 

  4. What additional costs are there?   Anything not physically on the home when your home leaves the factory. These items include things such as delivery and set-up, stairs, skirting, on site prep work (grading, compaction, wells, septic systems, etc.), garages, air conditioners, and more. Land home projects can be very involved and definitely require a site inspection to help determine an overall cost. While homes placed in a park are much easier to provide full cost numbers without the need of a site inspection due to the simplicity of construction for the home.  

  5. Where can I put a new manufactured home?   If your land is zoned for residential or AG, we can place a manufactured home there for you. We pride ourselves on being one of the only family owned and operated dealership that offers an IN HOUSE contractor with in a 100 mile radius. Anything beyond this distance, we can still assist you with your new home purchase and delivery, but recommend you contact a local contractor to help with the completion of the project.

  6. How long does it take?   This date is always determined by the build time we receive from the local factories (based on the number of orders they have). On average it takes an additional 2 – 4 months to complete your home on site whether it is going into a park or private property. This allotted time factors in delivery, set-up, onsite finishing work (steps, skirting, garages, driveways, etc.) as well as all necessary inspections. 

  7. Can I do my own on-site work?  Yes, if you are an all cash purchaser or if they are not items included in a loan. No finance company will allow an owner builder loan and will require that an approved general contractor be held responsible for the completed construction of the home - including passing all necessary inspections. We CAN offer a full-service experience for those that want someone to handle 100% of the project, but we also can just simply help you with the home purchase and let you and your preferred general contractor handle the rest. 

  8. Can we make changes to the floor plans? Absolutely! We understand that 1 size does not fit all and some homes need those tweaks to make a house a HOME. Our experienced sales staff works with you to build the right home customized to your liking. It can be as simple as moving a door or as specific as redesigning a bathroom or kitchen to make it function best for you. 

  9. Where do I find land?  Your land search should start with a trusted real estate agent that can help you find the right property for your project. We are always happy to give referrals if one is needed. Once you have property in mind, give us a call and we can start the process of a site inspection and get you a realistic budget for your new home on your land. 

  10. Does your home have a warranty?   YES! All new homes come with a minimum of a 12-month warranty beginning the day escrow closes. These warranties cover your major functions of the home (electrical, plumbing, structure, etc.). In addition, your appliances and other building materials, like your shingles, carry their own warranties which often exceed the factories warranties. If you would like a copy of these warranties, just let us know!

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